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We have many past experiences and testimonies to our name, with particular emphasis being placed on our work quality, professionalism and swift service. A few of our testimonies and experiences are shown below to attest to these qualities.

Trent College

Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4AD

Case Study – March 2020

Amosite and Chrysotile asbestos insulation residue has been identified and been encapsulated during a previous asbestos removal project within the Main Boiler House. The walls have since been disturbed leaving possible asbestos debris to the floor and area of wall where the encapsulation paint has been disturbed. We have been instructed to conduct a vacuum of the local floor area and encapsulate the disturbed wall under semi controlled conditions.

Brush Electrical Machines

Falcon Works, Nottingham Road, Loughborough, LE11 1EX

Case Study – March 2020

Chrysotile asbestos gaskets have been identified within Oil Pit 2. We have been instructed to remove the pipework and gaskets any redundant cables, remove the oil and conduct a thorough clean . Gloves and half mask were used at all times due to oil contamination. Steam cleaner was used to clean down the walls and floor. Traffic film remover was used to degrease the oil from walls and floor. IBC containers supplied by Brush were used to store the water and oil mix.

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

Wollaton Rd, Nottingham NG8 2AE

Case Study – March 2017

Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s standing on a small but prominent hill in Wollaton Park, Nottingham, England. The house is now Nottingham Natural History Museum, with Nottingham Industrial Museum in the out-buildings. Due to some up and coming events within the museum, some of the historic furniture is being refurbished and moved into different rooms. Upon survey and inspection of the display cabinets within the insect room, asbestos insulation boarding panels was identified to the bottom of the cabinets. To enable to cabinets to be moved safely, HB Insulations was contracted to remove the asbestos under fully controlled conditions. HB Insulation built a structure around the cabinets to form a full enclosure and the asbestos was removed safely. The project was carried out during 2 days and was completed within the timescale. This allowed the museum to arrange the rooms ready for their first exhibition of 2017.